VYN was founded by Catherine Meuter and Stefan Mathys in 2019. Our goal is to encourage the customer to re-evaluate his spending and move away from a disposable mind-set to one where he takes care of his sneakers and enjoys them for longer. Together we have designed over 40 collections for various brands in Italy, UK and Norway. 

 VYN came to life over a discourse about the sneaker industry being one of the most polluting in the fashion industry. Production costs are increasing and the consumer is being asked to pay more, accept lower quality and even less longevity in his sneakers. VYN is our answer to create a sneaker that is made to last.       

With our combined expertise of over 15 years in the footwear industry as designers and developers of world leading footwear brands we wanted to answer our burning question: how do you create a sneaker that is made to last? We listened to friends, relatives and experts to identify essential pains and gains with their sneakers. Based on those insights we started to explore solutions to add longevity to the sneaker. Besides choosing the right components, materials and challenging the construction, our main focus became a repair-solution for the sole unit. VYN sneakers are made to be worn, cared for and can be repaired by you. Are you up for the challenge?