Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of Use

Effective Date: 11th January, 2021

For ensuring a smooth and positive experience with us, we request you to read the ShopC
Terms and Conditions of Use carefully to know more about your rights and policies as a
buyer. When you use a ShopC service you agree to the guidelines, terms and agreements
applicable to that ShopC service.

I. About ShopC

ShopC is a product wholly owned by Circular Innovation Lab ApS CVR: 41730854. It is a
marketplace where you can buy circular products directly from sellers from all around the world. We are committed to maintaining the integrity of the
marketplace, ensure transparency for our customers and foster digital solutions for a
circular future for the world.
ShopC is a marketplace that merely connects buyers and independent third party sellers
for entering into sale transactions of circular products. The actual contract of sale is
directly between the buyer and independent third party seller to the total exclusion of
ShopC. We follow the dropshipping business model and do not hold inventory of any

Pricing, listing, shipping are all the responsibility of the independent third party sellers.
The display or guidance provided on our marketplace is solely informational in nature.
ShopC has no control over the quality, claims related to circularity/sustainability and
legality of items available for sale on the marketplace.

II.Your Account

You may want to create an account with ShopC to fully utilize our services.
Please note that you are responsible for maintaining confidentiality as well as restricting
access to your ShopC account. When you start using ShopC services, you agree to not  hold ShopC                                            responsible for any or all activities that occur under your account and password.

ShopC does allow the option of guest checkout, so please note that it isn’t mandatory for
you to create a ShopC account in order to make a purchase from our website.
Please note that you’re not permitted to use ShopC services if you are under 18 without
the involvement of a parent or a guardian. Parents and guardians may create profiles for teenagers.
We reserve the right to revoke, suspend or terminate your account, remove or edit
content, cancel orders, or refuse service at our sole discretion. Providing incorrect,
inaccurate credentials will give us reasonable grounds to suspend, block or terminate
access of your account on the marketplace.
If there is a technical problem with your ShopC account that you are unable to resolve,
you can write to us at hello@shopc.io.

III. Electronic Content & Communication

You agree and understand that the communication on this marketplace or with us will
happen through electronic records on a periodic basis as and when required. When using
ShopC services your personal information is stored by us which is used to provide a
personalised experience on our marketplace, contact you in relation to your account,
provide customer service.
We respect your right to accept, modify your personal details as per applicable law. The
disclosure of your personal information will be subject to compliance with our legal
obligations, facilitate marketing activities. We do not disclose your personal details to any
third parties in absence of your consent. By using our services, you agree that all ShopC
electronic communication you receive satisfies any legal requirements that such
communications be in writing.

IV. Copyright

All content provided by ShopC Services, such as images, text, graphics, logos, video and
audio-content, button-icons, digital downloads, compilations and software is owned and
controlled by Circular Innovation Lab ApS or independent third party seller and are
protected by the EU Law and International Copyrights Laws. All the content compiled by
ShopC services and/or is displayed at ShopC websites, pages and applications is either
owned by ShopC or it’s independent third party sellers and is protected under the EU Law
and the International Copyright Laws.

V. Trademarks

All content provided by ShopC services, such as images, text, graphics, logos, video and
audio-content r is trademark or trade dress of Circular Innovation Lab ApS across Europe
and other countries. The aforestated intellectual property shall not be used in connection
to any other brand, product or service unrelated,not-affiliated, not owned or sponsored by

VI. Intellectual property complaint

ShopC protects and respects the intellectual property of others. You can let us
know at hello@shopc.io if you believe that your or somebody else’s intellectual
property rights are being infringed.

VII. Feedback

You are welcome to submit/provide comments, suggestions, innovative ideas. , Your

communication should not be discriminatory, defamatory, obscene and invasive of
privacy. Your communication must not consist of malicious and illegal software viruses,
email-spams and mass-emails, political campaigns, chain letters, and should not contain
any unsolicited commercial solicitations or messages. You shall not use misleading or
false email addresses to impersonate a person’s identity or otherwise, or enter deceiving
credit and debit card information (and other payment methods).
ShopC takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for any content posted by you or
any third party.

VIII. Returns and Refunds

ShopC follows the dropshipping business model and does not hold any inventory of
products. ShopC only provides a marketplace enabling buyers and sellers to connect with
each other for entering in transactions of sale. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase
you may contact the independent third party seller for remedial measures within 14 days
from the date of delivery of such product. ShopC does not sell, manufacture nor provide
any after sale service for any product offered for sale on its marketplace, thus cannot be
held liable or responsible for return or refund of any product.
ShopC by no means can be held liable for issues arising out of product or transaction.

IX. Product descriptions

ShopC promotes a story-telling approach to selling. However, ShopC does not guarantee
that all product descriptions related to circularity/sustainability or any other content by
third party independent sellers is reliable, current, complete and error-free. If you are
unsatisfied with a product description, please feel free to reach out to the third party
independent seller directly.

X. Gift cards and their redemption

Gift cards are cards that can be purchased on ShopC website. They may only be redeemed
to purchase products listed on ShopC website. If the value of a gift card is not enough to
cover the order, the difference can be paid using any of the accepted payment methods.
Gift cards can only be redeemed and credits applied prior to completing your order. The
value of gift cards will not be paid out in cash, nor will it accrue interest and are also not

XI. Disclaimer of Liability

Use the ShopC Services at your own risk. We make no representations about the quality,
safety, morality or legality of any products or the truth or accuracy of content posted s. We
do not guarantee the fulfilment of the performance of any product as described by the
seller. We do not control or endorse seller content posted, as a result, do not guarantee in
any manner the reliability, validity, accuracy or truthfulness of such content. Shop is not
liable for any damages or losses related to your use of the services. We do not become
involved in disputes between sellers, users, or between Users and any third party relating
to the use of the services.

You release us from all claims. When you use the Services, you release ShopC from
claims, damages, and demands of every kind known and unknown, suspected or
unsuspected, disclosed or undisclosed arising out of or related to the services. All content
that you access or use through the services is entirely at your own risk and you solely are
responsible for any resulting damage or loss to yourself or any party.

XIII. Privacy

Please read our Privacy Policy, which governs your use of ShopC Services, to understand
our policies and practices. Read it here .

XIV. Site policies & modification

Please carefully review our policies as these also govern your use of ShopC services. We
reserve the right to make alterations to our site, policies and Terms and Conditions of Use
at any time, without notice.