#Suckõrs produces each of its straws as an outcome of the 12-stage process. Raw material with suitable joint lengths and strength is selected from harvested reed.  The health of the plant is prematurely investigated as it is examined for any insects or mold settled inside. It is as natural as it gets!   

From there the straw blanks are cut and fabricated. The attention paid in the early stages of production often determines the final quality and lifetime of the straw

Even more vital than shaping the reed is to cleanse reed properly in order to ensure product safety for drinks and food use. Both inner and outer surfaces are cleaned using specialist tools we have developed. The reed straws are sterilized with heat treatment, which removes the natural bacteria and microbiological entities.

We also recommend to have your straws boiled in water or heated in the oven every once in a while in order to further extend the lifetime, keeping them clean and stiff.

Following another quality control, the straws are placed into a suitable sustainable package, made of recycled paper and is completely biodegradable, just as the straw itself.

Our #Suckõrs reed drinking straws are made of pure reed, without using synthetic additives. Although the natural Suckõrs straws are durable and reusable, until cracks and damages appear, they are completely biodegradable in every environment in the nature.