MANMOWER metro™ [satin]

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Revolutionary hair trimmers - sustainable zero-waste zero-maintenance 

The volume of waste and stuff used up by your daily shaving routine over a lifetime is staggering.  A staggering waste of environmental, financial and economic resources.  Instead, you could buy just one face tool.  Here.

This is the manmower metro - the easiest way to mow the hair on your chin, and enjoyably maintain an enviably chill stubble beard.  

No replacement parts.  No maintenance.

Built to last a lifetime



Comfortable and progressive. Perfect for travel or a low-impact life...

Mowed trimmings are kept in the core of the mower until you can rinse the mower.

With a stainless steel U-shape handle that fits comfortably into your hand, and promotes a natural wrist-rolling massaging action as you roll the mower about your chin.  As you roll the mower it will progressively scissor your hair down to grade 0 (3-1mm) - whilst an anodised aluminium inner coated in PTFE strops against and hones the stainless steel blades.

Your skin is protected from the blades by an aluminium comb, that regulates trim length and braces cutting forces, making the manmower comfortable and safe with patented technology.

  • 10 stainless steel blades
  • anodised aluminium inner coated in PTFE
  • marine grade stainless steel handle
  • hair capture core 
  • free-spinning aluminium comb
  • US granted patent for comfort and safety
  • Self-sharpening


Trawling around second-hand markets we realised that tools, especially the old ones, should be and used to be built to last.  But someone about 50 years ago persuaded the world that the future was plastic.  And everyday, billions of men use and abuse the world we live in.  In the 90s the US Environmental Protection Agency estimated that 2 billion razors were being put into landfill each year.  Just in the US.  And never mind the shaving creams and foams.  And all the water wasted.  It is time to change the normal.  

It's how we roll. 

We only manufacture in England, precision machining and building each mower from metals and rubber O rings.  And nothing else.  All mowers are backed with a one-year purchase-price refund guarantee.

Even if you are using an electric hair trimmer or shaver, it will have a limited lifespan, and will always be difficult to recycle fully given multiple parts and materials.  And it will often use up rare earth materials for batteries.

The problem is the impact of our daily grooming routine.  There is only one solution.



Product dimensions:


Dimensions (W x H x D):
60mm x 20mm x 75mm