FLID tools is hand tools made from upcycled wood and steel. Hand tools you can use to upcycle and repair. Build something that matters. 

FLID tools produce high quality tools that are manufactured with a fundamental respect for the environment. Taking responsibility for the new products that we’re putting into the world. What consequences our production has on the environment. How our product contributes to the society that it’s part of. And how the product ends it’s journey in a responsible way.


Our production is located in Latvia. This ensures a safe working environment and a gentle environmental impact. Here we upcycle wood by turning it into beautiful handles for our hammers and screwdrivers opposed to ending up as firewood.

The metal used in our tools is made from 80 percent recycled metal, and can be reused again. No plastic. No trash for the landfield.  

Should you ever wear out your handle you can replace it with a new one and still use the part of your tool that works perfectly fine. Just send your defect part our way and we’ll replace it.


Taking care of your products, they last longer, 

Pass on the tools and the handcraft to the next generations 

You’re taking responsibility by buying sustainably produced tools but also by using them to build and repair things and ultimately reduce consumption. Build something with meaning for you personally but also for the society you are a part of creating.

(v) Non circular alternatives to your products. What are they made of and how are they unsustainable?

Plastic. Plastic. Plastic. If you go to a hardware store today you will not find many circular products. The focus is only functionality without considering the environmental impact. If you buy a new screwdriver, from our competitors it will most likely be made of plastic and steel in a non circular way.