Throw us some Shade, please?

by ShopC .

When it comes to fashion, there are some things that never go out of style! From Audrey Hepburn to Jaden smith, people’s love for a pair of gorgeous shades has rarely faded away. 

While we agree that buying sunglasses is SUCH a great idea, we can also agree the way they are made is SO NOT good for our planet. 

Sunglasses contribute to the pollution, as toxic, complex chemicals are released in the air. Other than that, these complex components (made up of plastic, metal and paint) also end up in landfills, damaging the environment even further--sitting there for thousands of years, not rotting and not-decomposing--and that’s probably not what you wanted to accomplish from your purchase.

Ever wonder if there are actually a perfect pair of Sunglasses for you out there that suit not only your eyes, but are eco-friendly at the same time? Well then, the wait is over! GoodCitizen is a company based out of Australia that upcycles single-use plastic bottles before they reach our oceans and landfills, to design beautifully-crafted, sustainably-made sunglasses. 

It is a bold endeavor to radically redefine the sunglasses manufacturing process. They work with Non-governmental organizations across Australia to collect large amounts of single-use plastics from the environment. One gorgeous pair uses 1kg of recycled plastic, and so is the box that it comes to you in. 

As a firm, GoodCitizen strongly believes in the ideals of Circular Economy and urges their customers to drop off old and used products back to them! This mission is to not let any plastic reach the ocean :) The world truly needs an eco-friendly, family-friendly business model that has wonderful potential for today’s world. 


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