Sneature: The Biodegradable Sneaker Made of Dog Hair and Mushrooms

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Conventional sneakers have a large negative impact on the environment, and we cannot ignore them. The sneaker materials aren't particularly sustainable. Most sneakers contain plastic, which is not biodegradable, which makes them almost impossible to disassemble or recycle, and finally, they remain in landfills for hundreds of years.

Despite the high environmental costs that the footwear industry has incurred, today's technological advancements in sustainable fabrics give the business more chances to reduce its footprint. Innovation on sustainability has been observed to be a key trend over the years. Manufacturers are expected to support raw materials derived from plant-based materials and biological waste materials instead of finite raw resources.

Sneature redesigns the conventional sneaker as a fully recyclable and sustainable product. The sneaker aims to provide a way to reduce waste by being a 100% biodegradable product.  Emilie Burfeind is the designer behind sneature. During her final project at the University of Art and Design in Germany, she created the sneaker using natural, renewable, and organic materials, such as mushroom mycelium or dog hair.

The focus of Sneature was based on using natural and renewable raw materials, integrating the functional requirements of a shoe, and the possibility of individual customization for the user and on-demand production with the lowest possible energy consumption and biodegradability of the products use.

Unlike conventional sneakers made of many different components and are almost impossible to disassemble and recycle, the Sneature sneaker consists of only three ecologically-based components: the membrane, the sole, and the transition between both.

The membrane is very similar to a sock and is made of an innovative material called Chiengora obtained from canine hair, which brings the functional properties of flexibility, stiffness, and air circulation like if it would be a "second skin."

The sole provides cushioning and protection against rapid abrasion in all other areas to extend the product's service life and is made of mushroom mycelium cultivated in a mould. 

Finally, the transition or the gum between the first two components is made by a thin layer of flexible bio-rubber/bioplastic, is water-repellent against splashing water or moisture, and protects the shoe in areas that quickly wear out.
These elements together make Sneature a biodegradable shoe and one of the most environmentally friendly footwear ever created.

In addition, the integration of 3D knitting technology enables both individualization and on-demand production with the lowest possible energy consumption.

At ShopC we are happy to be a platform that promotes awesome products like Sneature, committed to creating a more circular world. 

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