Six Items from your home you didn’t know you could recycle

by ShopC .

People often stay away from the process of recycling thinking it as too much of a task or isn’t cost-effective. However, there are many items found in our own homes that you can recycle in the traditional sense, i.e, not let them end up in landfills and oceans. 

1- All kinds of plastic- Keep an eye out for things in the market that have plastic in them, and avoid buying them altogether. However, for stuff that’s already in your home can be used for a variety of purposes! Old plastic bags can be used to collect trash, and can even be used to wrap materials for shipping. If you’re a gardener, plastic bottles create fantastic planters for seedlings.

2- Milk Cartons- You can cut the tops of these cartons to use them for keeping plants, or even to make ice blocks for your home cooler by filling them up with water and freezing them. 

3- Empty Roll-On Deodorant Bottles- After use, clean the bottle up and fill them up with paint! Your kids will enjoy a fun time with art :)

4- Old Clothing- Apart from having the option to donate them, you can always find creative ideas for them! You can paint them, turn your old pair of jeans into tote bags or use them to give your house a sparkly clean! It’s a whole new exciting world of ideas!

5- Food Scraps- We’re so used to throwing food away! You can always compost food scraps to make a great fertilizer for your garden. Even better—get a worm farm and use the scraps to feed the worms. :P

6- Aluminum Foil- Apart from keeping your food hot on a quiet winter day, aluminium foil can also be used around the house for things like cleaning your cast iron, sharpening your scissors and even shining your silverware! 

If we really start mindfully assimilating and organizing our waste, and allow less of it to end up in landfills and the rest of the environment, we’ll all be looking towards a future with zero waste! And recognizing the value of the waste produced in each of our homes is a definite and most-awaited step towards that direction :)


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