ShopC joining European Commission's Circular Economy Platform

by ShopC .

It is with honor and a great responsibility we announce that we have been accepted to be a part of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform

What Is European Commission's Circular Economy Platform?

The European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform is a space that brings together stakeholders in the field of circular economy in Europe. It is also a space to exchange ideas and to promote a circular economy transition.

The commission is aiming to:

 ✓facilitate consultation between participants

 ✓ cooperate between national and local networks

 ✓ exchange expertise from different actors, as well as best practices and valuable information

Why is ShopC there?

At ShopC, we are working every day to create a more circular world. Our founders, Apoorva Arya and Arpit Bhutani, are passionate about circular issues. Both are experienced sustainability and circular economy practitioners for over a decade. That's how they realized that the world needs a circular digital marketplace for fashion and lifestyle products to contribute positively to the fashion industry. Finally, ShopC was created as the first-ever digital marketplace to buy and sell circular products.

ShopC gathers circular brands with conscious consumers to a place of certificated circular products and mindful shopping.

Cooperation in the Centre

For us, cooperation is essential for the shift to a circular world. Since the company was founded, it has been involved in positive collaborations to support the circular transition development. The ShopC launch event assists people from the UN, GEF, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, and other important organizations fighting for climate change and the transition to a circular economy.

We want to cooperate and learn from others, sharing our journey with those who are leading a transition to a circular model.

It is with a great sense of duty we take on the challenge of accelerating the European transition to a circular economy in the fields of circular fashion and lifestyle. It is also with gratitude and appreciation that we accept the challenge of being a part of the European Circular Economy Networks, looking forward to making the world more circular, one consumer at a time.

- Apoorva Arya and Arpit Bhutani, founders of ShopC



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