Your old-style shoes, suiting your new circular requirements

by ShopC .

What happens to end-of-life vehicle tyres once they’re done being used? They’re often put through an intense process known as pyrolysis that produces industrial oil and pollutants contaminating the air. When they end up in landfills they hardly disintegrate, further adding to the environmental damage. 

However, not all’s bleak! Young entrepreneurs are discovering non-toxic, innovative ways of using the same materials to create exciting new things, and in this case, making your feet fit into them!

What does Funky Kalakar do? 

Believing in the ideals of veganism, circularity, sustainability and empowerment, Funky Kalakar works with local Indian craftsmen to create shoes out of used and rugged old tires that have no place in the environment. Based in Mumbai, this firm has impressive credentials! Since 2017, they have recycled-upcycled around 1,400 kilograms of rubber tyres to sew sustainable, vegan footwear. 

Commitment to Circular Values 

Tyres, they believe, are just the beginning. Their commitment to the ethos of circular fashion is evident in their Go Zero initiative that encourages their customers to upcycle older and used products. Once these items are recovered, the parts are transformed into accessories such as key chains and cardholders, or sent to further recycling. Apart from making footwear for women and men, this PETA-certified brand creates handbags as well, while having customers across countries like the UK, USA and Australia. 

You can find Funky Kalakar’s product at ShopCircular, your one-stop destination for all your circular needs.

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