Broderie- a fusion between fashion and sustainability

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How did it start?

Broderie as a passion started when I was around 12 years old when I first embroidered my fluorescent green hoodie. After that, no matter how perfect my clothes were, I always felt the need to add my personal touch and change them somehow. That personal touch included techniques such as sewing, embroidering, patchworking and even painting on clothes. From sewing fabric as pockets to oversized sweaters, turning a denim jacket into a punk rock outfit with safety pins and skull patches to adding lace or doilies to basically everything! I was a collector of fabrics, knowing that someday they will have a purpose.  Broderie as a business started during a school project. The idea was to upcycle clothes with embroidery designs using the embroidery machine provided by the university and include the fundamental structure to open a business from scratch. Not only was it a successful outcome, but it also raised the interest in exploring its potential. Covering two areas that are extremely explored and trendy at the moment: sustainability and upcycling, pushed me to take the concept further and further. The idea was developed during an entrepreneurial internship within the incubator at CSE (part of CBS) where I received help from business development consultants, lawyers, and accountants. And the journey is not over yet!

What is Broderie?

The concept is simple- I take new and used clothes and I upcycle or personalize them with the beautiful art of embroidery! Clothes that don't scream WAW anymore, clothes that lost their appeal, Broderie gives them a second life! Broderie aims to prolong the lifetime of a garment by adding the customer’s personal touch to their own garments. The mission is to influence individuals to adopt sustainable methods to preserve their clothes better. 

Design is very important in the embroidery process. There are plenty of amazing motifs out there, but does that make the garment unique? Broderie plays around with different designs, colors, and garments, self-created or inspired by other amazing artists. ⁠I want to make a mark with the business by involving the customer directly in the design process, therefore, the buying decision process. Giving the customer a free hand to choose whatever design they want embroidering on their clothes is a great opportunity to have something unique. The embroidery process is done by hand or with the embroidery machine making sure the result is always the same: unique, styled, and personalized. All garments are hand-picked and evaluated based on their damages and what sort of upcycling they should have.  

Behind the scenes is me, Andreea, a newly graduate with a thirst for marketing, communication, and business development who has reconnected with the passion for retail creation and ulteriorly developed the flair of running her own company.  I have an artistic background as well as business and communication related, for that reason, what better way to explore this set of skills directly on my passion and build a business on the side?

Broderie is currently opening its wings and little by little inspires people to think more sustainably and give their clothes a second chance to life with beautiful and unique embroidery. 

Do you want to know the unique, styled, and personalized products broderie has to offer you?

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