Broderie upcycles and personalizes clothes with embroidery designs! The aim is to prolong the lifetime of a garment as much as possible and inspire you to adopt sustainable methods in preserving your clothes.

Broderie designs

Thoughtfully Created

With each project I’m involved in, I see to it that it’s undertaken efficiently — from the initial brainstorming session and first rounds of sketches all the way to the final illustration. Most of my designs are hand-drawn, digitized, and embroidered by me. 
Having digitizing software, allows me to reproduce images into embroidery format and personalize your wardrobe with your favorite design. 

Broderie Collaborations

Creatively Crafted

Working with different artists and creators just like me, allows for a community to be formed and I can only feel humbled and delighted to be part of this. Each of these items was handmade and unique, created with love and passion.