Briga I/S

“Briga is Bosnian for being compassionate.”

The story behind our name, Briga, is inspired by our co-founder’s mom, Diana. A former refugee, forced to leave family and friends behind. Suddenly faced with the burdensome task to build a new life. Diana was adamant that if she stayed true to her core values and purpose - everything would work out.

Diana’s core value: Briga.

Loris and Jonas

Loris and Jonas

“We are on a heartfelt mission to change the textile and fashion industry by promoting slow and conscious living with textile and business model innovation.”

We’ve committed to constant evolution - sustainability is not absolute, the products we produce today might not be the most sustainable option tomorrow. Thus, we seek to approach sustainability with a holistic and adaptive mindset. Also, not only are our products organic, regenerated or recycled, they are also antibacterial and support environmental NGO (planting trees) and The Ocean Cleanup (cleaning the world's oceans of plastic). 

“Briga is always Made To Be Worn More” 

Sustainability, style and function. Our products are set apart by our uncompromising focus on quality and sustainability: innovative materials, expert craftsmanship, sustainable production practices. 

With that in mind, an important step for us is to acknowledge that sustainability isn’t absolute, but rather a complex and dynamic concept that is defined by underlying assumptions and contextual elements. Our journey has just begun and we continue to learn, but along the way we will promise one thing: We will tick all the sustainability boxes we can, and it will remain our main strategic intent. 

Making of the Briga socksMaking of the Briga socksMaking of the Briga socks

Making of the socks in the factory in Ucha, Portugal. 

“Briga products represent a new approach to textiles; made to be worn more, as opposed to fast fashion.“


Coated with Polygiene (

Low concentrations of silver salt will stay odor free and can therefore be used several times before washing. Our socks last longer without excessive washing and bacterial growth. All of the mentioned leads to minimizing water usage and a sock that maintains its great quality through time and wears. With Polygiene's antibacterial coating, you can wear more and wash less!


Produced with renewable energy

Our socks are expertly crafted in Portugal, made from Portuguese cotton. Moreover, the production is GRS (Global Recycled Standard), GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and OEKO-tex certified. At Briga, we embrace an honest and transparent business ethic. Thus, it was vital for us to find a European production with good ethics; to limit the environmental impact of shipping, but also to make sure that we can develop a fruitful and devoted partnership.


Organic, regenerated or recycled materials

Our Nabia socks are knitted 30% ECONYL® with organic Portuguese cotton to achieve utmost comfortability and durability. Furthermore, Nabia pack is made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon made from waste that would otherwise be polluting the earth like fishing nets, old carpets, industrial plastics and other fabric scraps. 

Nabia was the the goddess of rivers and water in Gallaecian and Lusitanian mythology, in the territory of modern Galicia, Asturias (both Spain) and Portugal.Therefore, it was only fair for Nabia Pack to have the colours inspired by the goddess herself; 2 pairs of socks with rib: Ocean Blue and True Black!

For each pack sold we donate to The Ocean Cleanup - non-profit organization that is developing advanced technologies to rid the world's oceans of plastic!