Once upon a time living an endless cycle of acquiring stuff (using stuff, then throwing stuff away) was seen as stupid, profligate and for the ignorant.  We only have one planet.  Where is all the stuff we throw away going to end up?

Back then we loved the tools we had, and we bought quality, planning to cherish and use stuff forever. 

But since the invention of plastics that all changed and suddenly the idea of a man having grooming tools that lasted more than a week was all but forgotten.

We are here to change the catastrophic status quo that exists in your daily grooming.

We think tools should be enjoyable each and every time you use them.  We think you should keep your tools for your lifetime, and take pride in them that whole time.  

We believe you should treasure your stuff and love your planet.  What better place to start than the start of your day?

The problem is the state of our daily grooming routine.  There is only one solution.


That's how we roll.